Santana and quinn hook up fanfiction

H06 <i>FanFiction</i>

H06 FanFiction But when it ends up being with the girl she’s actually attracted to, it turns out to be so much more surprising. Santana and Quinn have been married for eht years and have two children. Santana answers Quinn's wake up the morning after their "one time thing.

Quinntana Archive of Our Own

Quinntana Archive of Our Own It’s Our New Year Rachel decides Kurt’s New Year’s Eve party is the perfect nht for her to have her first irresponsible teenage hookup. Knowing that Santana doesn't always have the best memory, Quinn offers to do a. It's been months since Quinn and Santana's unexpected hook-up at Mr.

We've Got Tonht, a glee fanfic <i>FanFiction</i>

We've Got Tonht, a glee fanfic FanFiction It wasn’t easy, but she’d known from the beginning that it would be worth it. But yet, here she is, having been dastardly wrangled in by Tina. Feb 15, 2013. Everyone knew that Santana and Quinn hooked up on the nht of Will and Emma's. But no one knew the real story behind the hook-up.

Never Too Late, a glee fanfic <i>FanFiction</i>

Never Too Late, a glee fanfic FanFiction Keep It for When I’m Famous“You know, Santana,” she offered, her voice exceedingly polite, “For all your words about not meeting my eyes or looking at me, you seem awfully interested in what I look like.” Santana transfers into Rachel’s elective. May 16, 2013. Characters Quinn x Santana, Rachel, Kurt and Brittany. Word Count 9k. "She has been stalking me for a few weeks now and wouldn't let up.".

<strong>Quinn</strong>-<strong>Santana</strong> Relationship Glee TV Show Fandom.

Quinn-Santana Relationship Glee TV Show Fandom. When Buffy Summers arrives in Lima, Ohio, Santana Lopez discovers she’s not the only chosen one. Self Preservation In the midst of social upheaval at WMHS, Rachel discovers her inner strength and determination means she can thrive as an underground leader to the terrified masses. But then the very infuriating Rachel Berry shows up and won’t leave her alone. This Tiring Mischief A collection of drabbles and one-shots centering around the plot introduced in Scraps #102 and 103: the Berry family gremlin and its influence. Ill Repute“I want one of those old time cheesy couple portraits.” “What now? Santana tells Sam that Quinn cheated on him with Finn which is true. Sam breaks up with Quinn, and then he begins to date Santana. Quinn is seen looking at.

Bad things <strong>quinn</strong> & <strong>santana</strong> {4x14} - YouTube

Bad things quinn & santana {4x14} - YouTube But when that’s as scary as the storm itself, will she be able to face the truth? Subtle Things That Old Lopez Charm It took two months for Santana to seduce Rachel. Santana normally wouldn’t be caught dead in a country bar, let alone a place named Bobby’s Barn. Feb 17, 2013. bad things quinn & santana {4x14}. besides this mindblowingly brilliant Homeward Bound/Home mash-up, Santana joining Hummelberry in.

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