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Extreme Tarpon Fishing Video - YouTube Lines back out and Louis the director said “We need another.” Lines out… Feb 7, 2012. Extreme Tarpon Fishing Video. One doubt hookup and 4 for 6m overall. Not bad. Damn it felt good getting. Best Fishing Show on YouTube

Extreme Fishing! Barrel sized Tuna - Double Hook Up Chaos. The fishing offshore here had been pretty good lately and the sailfish were holding in some nice blue water about 35 to 40 miles out so it was looking good, if we could get out there… Then another boat carried the film crew and shot some scenes from some distance with the volcanoes in the background with Robson standing on the front deck. We finally got out to where the fish were and the lines went into the sea. Nov 12, 2015. This is a double hook up on heavy braid, both fish were tageed and released in around h. Extreme Fishing! Barrel sized Tuna. Show more

Extreme Fishing - Giant Trevally GT 20Kg Hook Up Aryo - YouTube I grabbed her and threw her behind the console seat just in case one more leap was in the cards. Sep 18, 2013. Extreme Fishing - Giant Trevally GT 20Kg Hook Up Aryo. Subscribe and Watch for latest video from SAMARINDA FISHING. Show more

How to R Popular Offshore Leaders Sport Fishing Magazine Victor, the mate, leapt catlike to the rod where the sailfish had come to the bait and deftly made a quick hookup. We land the sail and Robson has it on his lap for what I the “money shot! Then the Louise says “Ok, with the next sailfish I want to ….” Robson looked at her and said “That’s the first time he had a director so confidently say, “so on the next sailfish…”. Well about 45 minutes go by and I see some birds picking at the water and soon Victor again with a smooth drop back and hookup. Feb 3, 2017. Game fish like marlin can thrash a leader that's not built with precision. “My main setup is 30-pound Cortland Master Braid main line connected to 40-pound. Most times the knots would fail under the extreme pressures. World's Largest Fishing Tackle Show — A GoPro Gallery of New Gear, Part II.

Fishing Fishing Tackle, Supplies, & Equipment Academy It wasn’t thankfully and we landed it and Robson got some great dialog going with sailfish #2. Products 1 - 48 of 4493. Find Fishing Gear, Fishing Supplies and Fishing Gear accessories at Academy Sports + Outdoors. The Tom and Bob Show. 3 months.

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