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Oak Island - 1 Several documented treasure recovery attempts ended in collapsed excavations and flooding. They then attempted to tunnel over to the Money Pit. Again the water started to enter this pit as well as the Money Pit. Bailing was attempted and appeared to work. The wood has been carbon dated to 250 years ago.

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The Oak Island Treasure The Cave-in Pit Oak Island is noted as the location of the so-ed Money Pit, a site of numerous excavations to recover treasure believed by many to be buried there. Everything in the Money Pit had fallen farther down the hole. The b questions were why and how far? Over the next several years different companies tried to crack the mystery unsuccessfully. The wood has been carbon dated to 250 years ago.

Q&A with Oak Island's Marty Lagina & Cra Tester - In 2007, the island was featured in a museum display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic which displayed many artifacts from various eras of treasure hunting as part of the museum's exhibit Further, physical evidence from the initial excavations is absent or has been lost. My theory for “The Untold Story of the Oak Island Money Pit” does not support the carbon dating of the Coconut Fiber to be between 1260ad and 1400ad, with 1330ad being between those dates. It was done at a University in Saskatchewan, during the 70’s.

Is there a money pit on Oak Island? Stuff You Missed in History On the pit walls there were visible markings from a pick. Interestingly, they do carbon dating on these artifacts eventually, and they're from different time periods. Apparently there was a recent CBC documentary about Oak Island and the Money Pit which we haven't seen, but if you have, please email us at [email protected]­om because.

Radiocarbon Dating - YouTube A basic summary of the claimed history of the pit is as follows: In 1795, 16-year-old Daniel Mc Ginnis discovered a circular depression in a clearing on the southeastern end of the island with an adjacent tree which had a tackle block on one of its overhanging branches. Mr. Andersen explains how carbon-14 dating can be used to date ancient material. The half-life of radioactive carbon into nitrogen is also discussed.

The Oak Island Money Pit According to one of the earliest written accounts, at 80 or 90 feet (27 m), they recovered a large stone bearing an inscription of symbols. What mht have been buried at the Money Pit? Theories abound beyond the popular local notion of Captain Kidd. Radiocarbon dating found that the coconut came from approximately the year 1200 — three centuries before the first European explorers visited the region, and two centuries after the only.

Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure? Spoilers. - The island is privately owned, and advanced permission is required for any visitation. Why did they Not carbon 14 Date THAT wood. Robert Chiarello. They hit the money pit all rht. It’s ed four seasons on the History Channel. The brothers made a fortune for the shows themselves.

The Impenetrable Oak Island Money Pit Altered Dimensions Paranormal Mc Ginnis, with the help of friends John Smith (in early accounts, Samuel Ball) and Anthony Vaughan, excavated the depression and discovered a layer of flagstones a few feet below. Since as early as the 1700’s, adventurers have tried to infiltrate the Money Pit and lay claim to the bounty. They too noted that every 10 feet there were layers of “marks” – logs, charcoal, putty, and even coconut fiber which was later carbon dated to 1200-1400 AD.

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