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What is the production date of Colt King Cobra serial number. - Answers It saddens me they put Phillips and Rogers out of business by backing out of a deal and not making the Survivor... A 357 in this size revolver is a real bear that most shooters will shoot once with Magnum loads then revert back to 38 Special loads. What is the production date of Colt King Cobra serial number KV6455?

Ordered a new Colt Cobra and joined the forum As far as Im concerned Colt gets what they deserve... So traded it in on an ordered new Colt Cobra that should arrive this month. Join Date Feb 2017. 1975 Colt Cobra with Letter 1

Colt King Cobra/Year? - The Firearms Forum I think Colt wisely decided to chamber the new Cobra in 38 Special. Can anyone tell me what year my Colt King Cobra 357 serial #VK2229 was manufactured? Thanks.

Colt Cobra -- Pennsylvania Gunsmith School Photos Personally, i'm in the latter , as i like the option of using either cartridge. loads in ours, but i do occasionally like to shoot some hot magnum loads as well. ยท Gunsmithing Photo Gallery Handguns Colt Cobra. BERETTA M92F 4. Colt Cobra 5. Colt MK3 6. colt2000 7. Colt Cobra. Date 01/09/2008. Size.

What is the production date of <b>Colt</b> King <b>Cobra</b> serial number. - Answers
Ordered a new <em>Colt</em> <em>Cobra</em> and joined the forum
<strong>Colt</strong> King <strong>Cobra</strong>/Year? - The Firearms Forum
<em>Colt</em> <em>Cobra</em> -- Pennsylvania Gunsmith School Photos
<i>Colt</i> is bringing back the <i>Cobra</i> - National Gun

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